Sazón Fania

Technique: Digital Illustration
Artist: Metra
Year: 2017

We all know La Fania Records as the greatest all-star Salsa ensamble to walk the earth. Salsa’s growth and development in the 70’s was the result of the latino population in the US finding identity and cohesion through their finest assets, the taste of their food and the Son of their afro-caribbean Salsa. Sazón Goya was the main actor in that latino food flavor during the 70’s, and La Fania… well, it’s La Fania. This tribute from Argentina-based venezuelan Metra it’s an ode to the special vibe, taste and way of being of the latinos and also a tribute to the great work of Izzy “Mr. Salsa” Sanabria. Limited edition hand-numbered high-quality Giclée print of 50 units.


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