Mucho caribe III

Technique: Digital Illustration
Artist: Tamara Hadeed «Uh!»
Year: 2017

Mucho Caribe is a guided journey through two adolescent phases that happen to bump into each other on their way to the sea.

Their characters, Herencia (Heritage, 16) and Instinto (Instinct, 19), represent what in the artist’s life has been a clear milestone, what you desire and the effort it requires to obtain it, while you grow up near the shore of the Caribbean’s magical realism.

But, what is Caribe and why do we yearn it?

The Caribe gives and takes. It’s all-giving.
To the Caribe you always want to come back.
There’s no energy in the world similar to the one found on these lands.
The Caribe injects your blood with a warrior’s heritage.
It is the blessing of being born in a place that does not age.
The Caribe is the fountain of eternal youth, the knowledge of ancestors and luminous dreams in an eternal resistance.

Limited edition triptych hand-numbered high-quality Giclée prints with a limit of 50 units.


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